Let’s Build Your 2020 Social Media Strategy

It’s a new year and there are more opportunities to get your brand out there than ever before. Join Jack to break your social media activity into small manageable chunks.

In this session, we’ll design a social media strategy that fits your business from the ground up. We’ll cover content creation, how to get your posts seen by more people and how to use Facebook ads and influencers.

Jack is the 23 year old founder of 95 Social, an Edinburgh based social media agency. His company has worked with brands and businesses of all sizes across Scotland and personally, he has consulted for brands such as Wild Island Gin and STV.

This is a session not to be missed.

Location: Social Media Area Date: 3rd November 2020 Time: 10:30 am - 11:00 am Jack Allan at the Northern Ireland Social Media & Marketing Show Jack Allan