Colin McKeand at the Northern Ireland Social Media & Marketing Show Colin McKeand

Colin Mckeand is Scotland’s leading Business Networking Skills Trainer. Aside from networking he is a Speaker, Writer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Specialist plus Occasional Broadcaster. Following a rewarding career in the finance sector Colin left the Corporate Sector in 1996 to enter the world of self employment.


Often referred to as ‘Scotland’s Mister Networking’ Colin McKeand has used networking as a key business tool over many years. He is now training, advising, coaching, consulting and helping individuals and businesses of all sizes. Colin’s work encompasses the art of successful networking that delivers great measurable results. Over the years he has secured the majority of his clients through networking. They include companies such as Sky, IBM, Clydesdale Bank, BP and Scottish Water.

Colin is a popular and sought after speaker who has presented and talked to a wide variety of organisations and companies. He has appeared regularly on local radio including The BBC. His appearances have been both live or via phone link ups, discussing stories making the headlines in the business and networking world. Many individuals and companies have taken advantage of Colin’s expertise. Often asked him to compose articles or features for newsletters, magazines and websites Colin is a major contributor to the industry press.

When he isn’t networking Colin has always had an interest in football, which he played regularly when he was younger. Sadly he now only watches football on TV but Colin has the time he also likes to watch Motorsport on four and two wheels. In the winter months Colin takes to the ice and plays some curling. He also likes hillwalking although most of his walking these days is low level. Colin’s other interests he tries to find time for are reading, music and travel. Click here to Contact Colin or register to attend so you can meet Colin.

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